Hughes County Full Time Positions:   

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Sheriff's Office Job Openings:

The Hughes County Sheriff's Office is looking for a Full-Time Confidential Administrative Assistant to joint our team.  This position is 40 hours per week: 8:00 am -5:00 pm; Monday through Friday.

Confidential Administrative Assistant: To view these job postings, click here.


Hughes County Regional Jail Job Openings:

If you are looking to build a career that makes a difference while providing education to help people made good health decisions and support the efforts to enhance quality and accessibility of healthcare consider joining our Clinical Services team with the Hughes County Jail.

Mental Health Clinician: To view these job postings, click here.

RN Nurse: To view these job postings, click here.

  LPN Nurse: To view these job postings, click here.

Detention Officer: To view these job postings, click here.


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Election Precinct Workers:
  • Hughes County currently has 7 voting centers.
  • Hughes County pays election workers $13.56 per hour for attending instruction and working election day.
  • A precinct superintendent or precinct deputy must be a registered voter and a resident of the precinct.
  • There can be either three or five workers in the voting center.
  • The members of the precinct election board shall be selected from each party and the party receiving a majority of the votes cast for Governor in the election precinct at the last preceding gubernatorial election shall have a majority of the members of the precinct election board.
  • The precinct superintendent shall belong to the party whose candidate received the most votes for Governor in the last gubernatorial election in that precinct.
  • There is a Primary Election in June and a General Election in November of every even numbered year. There is a Pierre City and Pierre School election every year.
  • The members of the election board will receive training prior to each election.
  • The polling places are open from 7 AM to 7 PM.
  • The election board members set up the polling place prior to opening and reconciles and delivers the ballots and supplies to the courthouse after the polls close.

We are always looking for people interested in working elections. We maintain a list to draw from for each election.

To place your name on our list please call the Hughes County Auditor's office at 773-7451.